The Amplify Advantage

We are proud to support all couples and individuals in achieving parenthood on their terms.

Amplify was created to assist future parents navigate the ever changing and complicated world of family building through egg/sperm donation and surrogacy. We understand that this is the first step in the birth story of your child.

Our goal is to use our 10+ years experience in this field to educate and empower you to make the best decision for your unique journey, while also advocating for you and guiding you to ensure the process is streamlined and to ensure you are fully supported as you build your family, your way!


Shelly Marsh
Hi, my name is Shelly and I have worked in the fertility world for the last 10+ years. I started in this industry as a surrogate, completing four surrogacy journeys, bringing 5 beautiful babies into this world. My first experience as a surrogate was so positive and rewarding that I changed my career path to work full time in IVF and Fertility to advocate for those who need a little extra help to build the family of their dreams.

As a surrogate I was always an advocate for the amazing women who helped to build these beautiful families, however I have always been very connected to the intended parents I carried for and frequently saw the surrogacy experience through their eyes. Intended parents have often been down a long road before coming to the decision to grow their family through egg/sperm donation and/or surrogacy and I needed them to have a voice and an ally in this very complicated process. I am thrilled to be bringing not only my prior surrogacy experience but also my 10+ years not only working for some of the best fertility clinics in the industry, and a non-profit organization designed to help parents grow their families to help guide you on this journey of a lifetime! I am always available to answer any questions you might have about growing your family!

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