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We are here to help make the process seamless and advocate for the best outcome to grow your family!

Surrogacy Consulting – $7,000

Finding a qualified gestational surrogate to carry your child is a very important task. With our 10+ years experience in gestational surrogacy we know how important of a decision it is to not only find a candidate that is healthy and has an uncomplicated pregnancy history but it is also so important to find someone who you have a connection with to ensure that this process is authentic, wholesome and empowering for all parties.

Our goal is to assist you in finding surrogate candidates that meet your ideal criteria with regard to location, age, total number of prior pregnancies, compensation, COVID vaccination status, etc. Once we have found surrogate candidates that meet your requirements and also meet the medical criteria of your clinic we will work with the agency to finalize the match and set up a “Match Meeting” with the surrogate and her partner (if applicable).

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  • We will provide you with guidance and support through all stages of the process from the initial consultation through the medical and legal clearances of your surrogate.
  • We will streamline the communication with your surrogacy agency as often as necessary to ensure that all steps are completed and there are no unnecessary delays.
  • We will assist with referrals to the industry’s best attorneys, fertility clinics, agencies, mental health professionals, genetic counselors, insurance specialists, escrow providers, etc. throughout your journey.
  • We manage every aspect of your journey and monitor all steps to ensure everything is completed in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Conflict resolution as needed to assist with any frustrations between you and any parties involved in your journey. (Clinic, agency, etc.)​​ ​
  • After hours access to your consultant for urgent matters.
Depending on criteria, most of our clients successfully match with their surrogate within approximately 6-12 weeks.