Sperm Donor Search

Our expertise and background allow us to effectively find the right donor to build your family!

Sperm Donor Consulting – $7,000

Finding the perfect sperm donor for your family is a huge decision. Our goal is to help advocate for you and streamline the search and selection process to ensure you are matched with the perfect donor to build/grow your family. We will do all due diligence and work with your clinic to ensure we have identified a suitable match for your family building journey.

We will help guide you to ensure you do not encounter any avoidable delays in this sensitive process.

An initial zoom call will be scheduled to go over the process with you and get a better understanding of what you are looking for in your donor so that when the time comes for us to share sperm donor profiles with you it reflects not only what you are looking for but also candidates that fit the criteria of your fertility clinic.

We will not connect you with an agency/donor bank until we have identified a candidate that fits your requirements and whose history has been reviewed by your fertility clinic for a pre-approval. Please note that we will only work with agencies that we have vetted and that we feel comfortable with their in-take and screening process for all donors.

You not only will receive a full search for your potential donor but our team will also offer you support, guidance, advocacy and follow up along the way to ensure your journey stays on track.

We will send you as many profiles that fit your requirements and your clinic’s criteria, there is no maximum number of profiles that will be shared with you. Our goal is to provide you with enough information (family history, genetic carrier screening results, health history, etc.) to help you make this important decision.

Some clients come to us with a very thorough idea of what it is that they are looking for, however, some need some additional support and information before they can confidently make a decision. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you may need to feel secure in this process.

We are here to be your ally and advocate the entire way and we look forward to assisting you on this beautiful journey.

  • We will provide you with guidance and support through all stages of the process from the initial consultation through the selection process of your sperm donor.
  • We will monitor the progress of your journey after the match is confirmed until the sperm is received by your clinic. This timeline is tentatively 3-4 weeks.
  • We will streamline the communication with the sperm bank/agency as often as necessary to ensure that all steps are completed and there are no unnecessary delays.
  • We will assist with referrals to the industry’s best attorneys, fertility clinics, agencies, mental health professionals, genetic counselors, insurance specialists, escrow providers, etc. throughout your journey.
  • We manage every aspect of your journey and monitor all steps to ensure everything is completed in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Conflict resolution as needed to assist with any frustrations between you and any parties involved in your journey. (Clinic, agency, etc.)​​
  • A one month (4 week) comprehensive and personalized search of our list of sperm donor banks, and fresh sperm donor programs.
  • Follow up on an unlimited number of sperm donors of interest to get questions answered, and confirm vial or donor availability.
  • Assist in securing temporary holds on sperm donors or vials, if available. ​
Should additional time be needed, clients may elect to extend their search at a discounted rate. ​