Helpful Things to Consider When Selecting Your Egg Donor

There are so many paths to growing your family. Egg Donation is an excellent option for people of various backgrounds – those with a infertility diagnosis, those who have had recurrent pregnancy loss or are unable to sustain a healthy pregnancy, single parents by choice, same-sex and LGBTQIA+, the list goes on and on. However, you got to this path we are here to help educate and empower you on how to navigate your own journey.

Each year more and more women choose to become an egg donor, this is largely due to the amount of education and resources there are to help them feel safe and comfortable with the process. Not to mention how incredible it is to help another family grow! The more variety in the egg donors there is, the better chance each individual/couple has to find the perfect donor for their family building path!

The most important step in selecting a donor is to find someone who is healthy – but there are so many other considerations.
I will help guide you on the key factors you should be considering, the egg donor databases sometimes limit how you can search and what you can filter – so I am here to make sure you feel comfortable with each step.

How to Select an Egg Donor

If you have already selected an IVF physician and clinic, it is always best to check with them on their baseline criteria for an egg donor. You doctor has seen it all and partnering with them on your search is always the most successful way to limit the search and focus on the best options. When we begin searching for the right donor for you there are a few things to consider:

Physical Appearance

Sound surface level, right? It 100% is not. How your donor looks is going to be part of who she is, so you have every right to hold her physical appearance to the highest standard. Here are some things to consider:
● How tall would you like her to be?
● Do you have a preference in eye color? Especially consider this if you want a child with blue or green eyes.
● What about BMI and weight ratio? Do you want her slim, athletic or curvy?

Having the ability to choose some of these things adds a huge benefit to the health of your future child.

Educational Background

Considering the educational background of your potential egg donor is very common. There are so many intelligent, young women who want to become an egg donor. It is also important to remember that some of these women are younger and may not have completed all of their schooling before deciding to become a donor.

While education is very important, some of these young women may not have the ability to go to an Ivy League or prestigious university. The goal here is to ensure you find the most suitable donor for your family.

Health History

An egg donor must have an excellent health history and a genetic health report once those are completed in order to move forward with her. Once you make you

If you have found a donor who meets your health, education, and physical requirements, she will then meet with a genetic counselor to go over her known family health history. Then your donor will go through various blood tests and genetic carrier screening to see if she is a carrier of any mutations. If you select a previous donor, she will have completed some of this already – which shortens the screening time frame. However, if you choose a first-time donor, she’ll need to take these steps before moving forward.

If the donor you selected comes back as a carrier for any genetic mutation, it is always best to speak to a genetic counselor to understand what this means and what the health risks are to your future child.

Ask for a Video

Not all agencies have a video of each donor on their profile, however it definitely gives you a bit more insight into this woman, her mannerisms, her demeanor, the way she presents herself and how she speaks.

If you are deciding between 2-3 donors, a video may help you make the decision!

It can be a challenge to sift through so many profiles – that is why we are here to help. Let us help you start down the path to building your family – Contact us for more!